Multiple Touch Points

What we can provide to your businesses

NCore specialises in providing Banks with electronic delivery channel products to embrace and extend their customer touchpoints. NCore's electronic banking product family encompasses multi touch point banking services such as the Internet, Mobile and Phone banking delivery channels.

The NCore electronic banking platform allows Banks to extend its fee based revenue streams by facilitating both local and international payment / fund transfer transactions. These transfer transaction types allow Banks to expand on their e-commerce and traditional branch based business.

A key component to the NCore product family is its XGate Enterprise Application Integration middleware platform that allows for quick and seamless integration with the existing legacy platform systems of the Bank. XGate forms the core foundation technology that all of NCore's products are built on top of.

As Banks reach out to service their customers and partners more intimately, the need arises to provide for strong authentication security systems to mitigate identity attacks through the various phishing and trojan schemes. It is to this end that NCore provides ubiquitous mobile phone based 2 factor authentication (2Fa) tokens to address the security needs for strong authentication and transaction authorisation.